Nathan Calvino (Counselor)

The road to my current career as a counselor (or therapist) was indirect. I received my Associate’s degree in the Humanities and then my Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. After working for a couple years in various fields (education, legal, marketing), I discerned a call to go back to school and pursue a vocation in counseling. It was thus that I finally earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology┬á from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences in Arlington, VA. From there I moved down into Southern Maryland where I have been practicing as a counselor in the years since. During this time I have continued to learn while working alongside other counselors and social workers. In addition, I have also spent some time working in an outpatient drug rehabilitation clinic.

My belief in Christ shapes my work in that I see each person I work with as created in the image and likeness of God. I thus treat each person I work with according to the dignity that they possess in light of this fact. At the same time I believe in the power of modern psychology, and apply the techniques and tools that it has given to us in order to participate in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

I spent five years as a seminarian before pursuing my current path, and although I discerned out of the path to ordination, those years affected me deeply, and continue to inform the way in which I practice my current ministry as a counselor.