Marriage Counseling

I approach marriage counseling with the view that a marriage or relationship is worth saving. I believe that a marriage is an intrinsic good, and my goal is to help clients come through difficult times stronger and more united than before.

Relationships can be very difficult at times, but no challenge is too great when both individuals are fighting for the relationship. I have tools to help you get through these moments.

When working in couples therapy, I draw techniques and tools from both the Gottman Method and the Relational Enhancement method, depending on the particular situation. Some interventions a couple might experience at Integritas Counseling are the following:

  • Love Maps: Working with your spouse to gain a deeper knowledge of each other.

  • Danger-zone Awareness: Learn to see pitfalls before you are snared, such as the four horsemen of the apocalypse and game-playing.

  • Expression: It can be hard to say things in a way that the other person is open to. We can help with that!

  • Empathy: We all need to feel understood. Believe it or not, empathy is something that can be learned!

  • Crisis Management: No one is perfect. What matters is knowing what to do when things start to get out of hand.

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